Sokkia SET650X 6" Total Station Brand New

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Angular Accuracy 6 second
26x Magnification

Sokkia SET650X total station is ideal for any surveying or construction application. Whether it be the tightest control survey, construction staking or boundary survey with 6 second angular accuracy and its rugged design the SET650X is suitable for use in the toughest environments. Sokkia SET650X can stand up to any wet weather condition that can occur in the field, giving the benefit of not experiencing down time due to inclement weather. Weather storing point data from large sites, downloading data from a PC for setting out SET650X internal memory will store up to 10,000 points and also has built in slots for SD/SDHC card and USB devises. Data communication to a data collector is possible with the RS-232C interface cable or Bluetooth. When using a single prism, you can measure as far as 13,000 feet at once, with an accuracy of (±2 + 2ppm x D) mm. The SET650X uses a precision internal dual-axis tilt sensor to provide automatic compensation for both vertical and horizontal angles to ensure superior accuracy even when the instrument is out of level.

- Sokkia SET650X total station
- Lithium-Ion battery pack
- Battery charger
- Plumbob, tool kit, sun shade, lens cap
- Tubular compass
- Users manual
- Carrying case
- Sokkia wood tripod
- Sokkia 8' prism pole
- Sokkia prism