Leica GPS ATX1230 GG Smart Rover

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Leica ATX1230 GG Rover GPS L1/L2 RTK system

This set up is in excellent condition and ready to go to work.

Leica ATX1230GG Smart Rover set, high performance Global Navigation Satellite System, featuring the best in GNSS and RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology, was taken as a trade-in and is in excellent condition. This unit provides fast satellite acquisition and high accuracy measurements. The GNSS utilizes a standardized interface. This receiver is rugged as well as waterproof. Its versatility makes it applicable for topographic mapping, engineering, monitoring, cadastre, stake out, and control.

Complete ATX 1230 Smart Rover Includes:
- Leica ATX1230 GG, 2008, 72 Channels, L,1, L2 ,Bluetooth, SmartTrack+
- Leica RX1250TC Controller with Leica Smartworx software
- Leica GHT56 cradle
- Leica GFU19 Cell Modem
- (2) Bateries
- Charger
- Leica hard case
- Lemo cable
- Carbon fiber rod