Innov-X Alpha Handheld XRF Analyzer



Innov-X Alpha Handheld XRF Analyzer (Positive Material Identification)

Condition: Used, still in very good condition


This is the smallest, fastest, most versatile PMI unit available, and comes with the Alloy package. The unit was tested and work well, not to many like these out there.. ready to work!!


The unit comes with the following:
- Innov-X Alpha Analyzer
- 2 Batteries, Charger, Cables
- Accessory Cables
- Owners Manual
- Software
- Hard Pelican Case
- Certificate of Conformity
- Hewlett Packard PDA

If you require one of the other software modes, we will update it. The choices are the following:
Alloy Analysis
Lead Based Paint
Filter analysis
Dust Wipe
Empirical Assy
Consumer Product

Basic Specifications.

Weight: 2.625 lbs. (base wt.) 3.375 lbs (1.6 kg) with batteries.
Excitation Source: X-ray tube, Ag or W anode, 10-40 kV, 10–50 µA, up to 5 filter positions.
Smart Beam: Delivers industry-leading detection limits on critical elements Cr, V, Ti.
Detector: Si PiN diode detector, < 230 eV FWHM at 5.95 keV Mn K-alpha line. Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C.
Operation: Trigger or Start/Stop Icon. One-touch trigger or “deadman” trigger option. Optional control from external PC.
Power: Li-ion batteries, rechargeable (charger included). Powers analyzer and iPAQ simultaneously. AC Adapter optional.
Battery life: 8 hours (typical duty cycle) using built-in; optional multiple battery pack.
Number of Elements: Standard package includes 21 elements. Customer may specify 4 additional, or use multiple suites of 25 elements each.
Display Screen: Color, high resolution touchscreen. Variable brightness provides easy viewing in all ambient lighting conditions.
Data Display: Concentrations in %. Spectral display with peak zoom and identification.
Memory, Data storage: 128 Mb standard memory. 20,000 test results with spectra, upgrade to >100,000 with optional 1 Gb flash card.
Processor: Intel 400 MHz StrongArm processor or higher.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE (portable system) or Windows (PC-based). Software Modes: Alloy Analytical, Fast ID,Pass/Fail. Optional lead paint, soil, others.