GE Protimeter Surveymaster Home Inspection Meter

Moisture Meters


New GE Protimeter Surveymaster Home Inspection Meter

Versatile moisture meter is invaluable in the field!

Features & Applications:

The iconic Surveymaster is a dualfunction device offering non-invasive and pin-moisture measurement. Using its highly effective search-and-measure system, the non-invasive radio frequency mode helps you search below the surface for dampness, while the proven two-pin method is used for measuring. Surveying an area using the search-and-measure procedure allows a more detailed assessment than can be possible with a conventional moisture meter alone. For ease of use, moisture readings are indicated not only by color-coded LED, but also as a digital readout on the LCD screen for measure mode and an audible alarm in the search mode.


Note: Accessories sold separately


  • Calibration check device
  • Auto power off, adjustable from 1–3 min.
  • Loud, audible warning tone
  • Wide detection range of 7–100%
  • Hold reading function
  • Accessories sold separately
  • Includes two AA batteries & pouch with belt clip

Spec Summary:

Measurement range
Measure mode: 6% to well above fiber saturation in wood
and beyond (to nominal 100)
Search Mode: Relative, color-coded
Measure mode: Wood moisture equivalent 7–99.9
Search mode: Relative 0-999
Measure mode: 3-digit LCD and synchronized green, yellow
& red LED display
Search mode: Green, yellow and red LEDs
Measure mode: LCD ±0.1%
Search mode: Not applicable
Audible alarm
Search mode only: Adjustable synchronized with LED display
Instrument size & weight: 6.5 x 2 x 1.6"/.5lbs.
Operating temperature range: 14 to 113°F