Leica Builder 505 5 sec Reflectorless Total Station

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New Leica Builder 505 5" Reflectorless Total Station with Bluetooth

provides a high specification, powerfull but easy to operate total station with wireless communication, long range reflectorless measuring and full Power Site software.

The Leica Builder series has been designed with everyone on site in mind. From the start, the unique Builder setup method boots your daily work flow. With this instrument, you are able to complete an endless list of tasks on sight including batter boards, line layout, volumes, checks, area and height transfer.

Each application has a list of benifits to the building site. With data exchange via a removable USB or Bluetooth, you can load up plans for layout in no time. With the onboard PowerSite software, it has a solution for every application. It is amazingly easy to use and very fast to learn.

Sale Includes:
- 726839- CTB101 Tribrach with optical plummet
- 733269- GEB211 Lithium-Ion batteries
- 734752- GKL221 Charger
- 761712- CPR111 Builder prism, true zero offset
- 642106- GLS115 Mini-Reflector pole set with point
- 764700- GEV223 Data cable TS-USB
- 765199- MS1,1GB USB-Stick