Leica VIVA GS15 GNSS RTK SmartRover CS15

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Used Leica Viva GS15 CS15 GNSS Glonass GPS Receiver System

This is a GS15 Smart Antenna "Performance" Model and the particular options/licenses are listed below. The antenna is in phenomenal condition. all is still very clean and perfect condition.

This setup is guaranteed to function properly. The manufacture date of the GS15 receiver is 09/2011. The controller was manufactured in 2010. This unit has the following Licensing:

RTK Range - Unlimited
RTK Network - Yes
RTK Reference Station - Yes
Position Rate - 20Hz
GPS L2 Option - Yes
Raw Data Logging - Yes
RTK No Area Limitation - Yes

Sale Include:
Leica Viva GS15 GNSS Receiver
Leica Viva CS15 Controller
Three Leica Batteries
Leica Tribrach
Leica Tribrach Adapter
Leica Height Hook
Leica Viva GS15 Carrying Case
Adapters for CS15 Controller
One Charger