Fujikura CT-20 Fiber Optic Cleaver

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  • Fujikura CT-20 Fiber Optic Cleaver
    Fujikura CT-20 Fiber Optic Cleaver

The Fujikura CT-20 is a rugged, self contained unit designed to offer an amazing 48,000 consistently reliable cleaves before needing to replace the circular blade. The CT-20 also has an optional cleave counter available if required, ensuring blade life is used to its full potential. A key part of the new cleaver is improved safety, achieved by incorporating a small fibre scrap collector box.


* Easy single-action cleaving for skill-free and speedy operation.
* Longer life blade (3 height settings x 16 rotating positions = 48,000 cleaves).
* Light weight and user friendly shape.
* Applicable up to 24-fibre ribbon cleaving.
* Optional fibre collector for fibre scrap



Standard ItemsSpesifications
Applicable optical fibres Conventional silica optical fibre
Bare fibre diameter 125 microns nominal
Blade position 3 height settings, 16 rotational settings
Minimum blade life 48,000 fibres
Cleaving angle 0.5° (single fibre)
Cleave length 6-20mm (single fibre), 10mm (ribbon fibre)
Dimension 110x76x49mm, 110x117x49mm including fibre collector
Weight 370g, 460g including fibre collector