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Constructed entirely of high strength, durable materials, the Bi-Max will stand up to demanding field conditions. While some bipods work on some terrains and not others, the Bi-Max stands up to a variety of terrains. It is so versatile, it can actually go from sand to asphalt and outperform other bipods/tripods on both terrains!

Installation is easy! The Bi-Max can be installed on and removed from the pole at hand level by simply flipping a lock. Thumb-lock levers on the Bi-Max lock in the leg position so that no retainer strap is needed to carry the bipod The Bi-Max is the only bipod that can be quickly converted to a tripod by only attaching a tripod conversion leg (sold separately). This is especially useful in situations when additional stability is needed like when you are on a hill or in the mud.

You no longer need three hands to plumb your pole with a tripod! The Bi-Max has a free-slide feature specifically for use when in tripod mode. The buttons can pressed down into an "unlocked catch" position, and then there is no need to try to press three buttons at the same time to plumb the pole!

The Bi-Max was designed with stability in mind, and that is evident in the unique foot, which adds a considerable amount of stability to the bipod. The foot features a Tap-Con screw that is so strong it can actually be screwed into concrete!

Convenient thumb-operated buttons control Grip-Tite leg locks allowing quick and convenient plumbing.

Try the Bi-Max with Crain's patented Prism Poles in ultra light, ultra strong carbon composite, fiberglass composite, and lightweight/high-strength aluminum with Crain's revolutionary Grip-Tite locking system, it actually holds! Crain also has GPS poles in these same high-strength materials-you'll have to see for yourself how lightweight they are. The Bi-Max can retrofit to other brands of geomatics poles by using Crain's revolutionary Poly-Connect Sleeve Receptacle (free with the purchase of the Bi-Max).

Please note that the prism pole and prism are not included.

The maximum extended leg height is 72", this is with the legs standing almost straight up (which is not a recommended nor accurate way to use a bipod or tripod) to the top of the thumb lever with it fully extended. The clamp will hold a pole maximum size of 1-1/8" diameter.

The shipping weight is 4 pounds.

The Bi-Max will not stand on its own, plus the prism pole (sold separately) is what is used for the survey. You can use a prism pole (sold separately) alone (with it being held by a rod man), but the Bi-Max purpose is to not need a rod man.

Includes 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.