SubSurface Instruments Magnetic Locator ML-1

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The SubSurface Instruments Magnetic Locator ML-1, can be used to find iron and steel targets.

ML-1 is a non-metered device (audio only). This instrument is engineered to operate identically with the same controls as the ML-1M but without the visual meter.

Use this equipment to find:
Corner markers (iron or steel)
Mag nails and PK nails
Valve and curb boxes
Iron and steel pipes
Well casings
Manhole cover
Steel drums and tanks
Septic tank handles
Energized electric cables
Marker magnets
Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Easy one-hand operation
Easy keypad switches, no knobs
Lightweight - only two pounds (including batteries)
Uses two regular alkaline 9-volt batteries
Strong monotube construction provides structural integrity Microprocessor retains volume and gain settings from last use Soft pack and Hard Carrying case included
Life-Time Warranty