Schonstedt XT-512 Sonde and Camera Locator with Soft Case

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With the XT512 Sonde and Camera Locator, you can locate blockages quickly.

The new and revolutionary XT512 combines the portability when using the holstered XTpc package with the low frequency sonde and passive locating capability found in larger more cumbersome locators. With the XT512 you can locate and determine the depth of your Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera or the Schonstedt Sonde Model TM50910 (sold separately).

The XT512 is useful in locating blockages and obstructions in non metallic pipe.

Receiver Specifications:
Operating Frequency: 512Hz plus 50/60Hz passive detection
Battery: 9 V single battery
Battery Life: 18 hrs intermittent use
LCD Display: 3 1/2 digit reflective. Signal Strength, Directional Arrows, Battery Status, Volume and Depth on Sonde/Camera and Passive Controls: ON/Volume adjustment, OFF, DEPTH, SONDE, AUTO GAIN, UP gain, DOWN gain, PASSIVE
Dimensisons: Unit extended: 26 in (~66 cm), Unit collapsed: 15.5 in (~39 cm)
Weight: Under 2.5 Lbs

XT-512 Receiver Unit, Carry-all bag (PC40000), Belt Accessory Pouch (PC30000), Leather Belt (PC40002), Plastic Belt Clip/holster (PC10012), and Manufacturers 3-year Warranty. If customer returns warranty card to Schonstedt, customer gets 6 months extension on warranty