CST/Berger Magna-Trak 100 Magnetic Locator with Hard Case

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Improved water resistance and mechanical life are provided by the new direct contact switching with the PC board. Enjoy enhanced functioning, reliability, and maintenance for all CST locators.

Locate ferrous objects under ground, under snow, or in water! With their advanced technology, low price, and five year warranty, the Magna-Trak Series gives you the best value in the industry.

Magna-Trak magnetic locators take technology one step into the future by including a multitude of convenience features you won't find anywhere else; features like an LCD visual display and/or audio tone, a lightweight, easy-grip design, and water resistant cases.

Magna-Trak locators also feature easy battery access and outstanding battery life, and they're backed by a 5-year warranty! Plus, a patented electronic balancing procedure allows balancing to be done quickly and efficiently and all of our manufacturing is done right here at CST to ensure quality control.

The latest technology doesn't have to cost a lot. Get the best performance and the best value with a Magna-Trak Magnetic Locator.

The Magna-Trak 100's LCD indicator offers a digital bar graph display, in addition to a standard audio tone, to precisely identify the target object, especially in noisy, congested areas. An additional feature is a visual reminder when batteries are low.

The lightweight Magna-Trak 100 features simple, waterproof, push-button membrane pad operation with an ergonomic design. The Magna-Trak 100 offers easy battery access and outstanding battery life, and is backed by a five-year warranty.

Length: 42-3/4"
Weight: 3 lbs./1.3kg
Waterproof up to housing with a water-resistant housing
Signal indicating LCD meter (models 100 and 102 only)
Easy access battery compartment
On/Off, Volume, and Sensitivity Controls
Strong, lightweight aluminum tube
"High-Tec" magnetic toroidal sensors and patented electronic balancing circuitry
Durable hard rubber tip
Battery life +/- 100 hours; low battery indicator on LCD models
Hard carrying case included